Meet Brody the Bear.

Sleeptrainer Brody can help your little one to fall asleep in the evening with his soothing nightlight and comforting songs. In the early morning he can show your child when it is time to sleep and when it is OK to get up.. Brody’s light changes colour like a traffic light, to denote night, early morning and OK to get up.

A child does not have a sense of time. For a young child the day begins the moment they open their eyes, which can be pretty early (and tiring) for the parents. A sleeptrainer teaches your child with visual indicators when to stay in bed and when it is OK to get up.

Even very young children are able to understand this concept: at bedtime Brody’s light turns red….. it is time to sleep. In the morning, at a time preset by yourself, Brody will light up green to start the day.
During the night, press Brody’s belly to see the colour of the light.

At bedtime Brody can light up his belly with soothing red light. The light will automatically switch off after 10 minutes. The brightness of the light is fully adjustable.

Brody can play a variety of calming music: lullabies, white noise, African sunset. The music will automatically switch off after 10 minutes.

Whenever your child wakes up at night and starts crying, Brody can light up his belly and play music to give comfort in the dark, shuts off automatically after 10 minutes.

The plush soft toy can be hand washed, when the sound module is removed.

Brody is available in 3 different colours: taupe, blue and pink.